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Human Capital Management for Small & Medium Businesses

Effective HR solutions that maximise performance and user friendly

Employee Profile

Contains all the information necessary to keep track of all your employee data, including licensing, driving certificates, medical exams, employment, salary etc.

Payroll Management

A simple approach to payroll processing. Allows for online payslip and payroll history retrieval by employees.

Leave Management

Check your available leave balance and apply for leave on the spot. For managers, you will get a push notification each time your employee applies for leave.

Mobile Time Attendance

Check in from anywhere via CoffeeHR mobile application and you are ready to start the day.

Timesheet Management

Get a clear view on spent time and money with detailed reports.

Claim Management

Enable claims submission via mobile application. Receipts are captured using camera and saved in the cloud.

Employee Achievement

Keeping track of your employee performances and reward them accordingly.


Allows messaging among the employees.


An overview of CoffeeHR benefits are as illustrated below

Mobile Time Attendance

  • Flexible attendance
  • Check in via smartphone

Centralized Employee Profiling

  • Avoid redundant or outdated data
  • Fast access to employee information
  • Record history of all the changes done to the information

Personalised Dashboard

  • Instant statistics
  • Support decision making

User Friendly

  • Clean design
  • Easy to use

Cost Saving

  • Reduce HR department workloads
  • Reduce paper documentation

Maximise Performance and Productivity

  • Eliminate offline documentation
  • Expedite applications approval

The Features

Overview of features in CoffeeHR


Based on per employee per month rate

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